I am Pippin the Dog and this is my Web Page

Pippin's sofa
This is my sofa

I share my house with Chris and Mary, but not my sofa!

They take me on lots of walks and used to feed me very well. Recently, however, they have stopped feeding me properly and I am wasting away due to lack of food.

Please send food! I like almost everything but especially fish and chips and pigs ears. I am not sure where I live, but the postman comes everyday so you could send food parcels with him.

Did I mention I like fish and chips, all types of meat and almost everything else. I also like beer and wine. I do not like fruit or vegetables but cheese would be OK if you don't have any meat.

I quite ofen visit the Horse and Jockey (where I used to get biscuits) so you could leave food there if you can't send it by post.

I have recently started geocaching but am disappointed that there is never anything to eat in the caches I find.

Walking with Kali dog Wasting away - help My former self

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