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4 Oct 2010

Mary competes in World Triathlon Championships

in Budapest, Hugary and comes 4th in her age group

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Posted by: gollum

The 2010 Triathlon World Championships were held during a very wet September week in Budapest. Mary was taking part in the sprint distance event held on the Saturday. Chris arrived on Friday night to support but was delayed getting from the airport due to flooding and consequent road traffic accidents.

If anything the next day dawned even wetter! When we arrived at the start area it was rapidly becoming a quagmire. It was indeed fortunate that the weather improved briefly and was fairly dry during Mary's event.

The start looked franetic from my vantage point on the bank of the Danube. It was not, as I had imagined, the main river in which all the competitors would have been swept away and never seen again, but a sort of offshoot and without the current. Mary emerged from the water in third place in her wave and rushed off to the transition area for the bike section.

The finish area was some distance from the transition and as I made my way there I failed to spot mary in either the bike or run sections. These clearly went well and Mary retained third place until towards the end of the run when she was overtaken and finished fourth. An very creditable performance!

As we returned to the start by boat to the start area (yes - cruising on the Danube), the heavens opened and the rain returned with a vengance.

The next day Mary supported members of the GB team taking part in the olympic distance event whist Chris engaged in a bit of geocaching. There were several nearby caches, one within 50m of the hotel!

Budapest was full of ineresting thing but may be a more pleasant place to visit when dry!

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