How Mary found the building plot

An unusual approach

Once we had decided that we would like to build our own house we spent ages searching for a suitable site. At first this seemed a fairly simple task. We were not particularly bothered where it was and did not have too many unreasonable expectations. We spoke to all the local Estate Agents who assured us that building plots were as rare as rocking hourse droppings. The few plots we did find were eithere the size of pocket hankerchieves, or sold to builders within minutes of appearing on the market.

Rather than waiting for plots to appear, a pro-active approach was needed! Mary examined all the planning applications in our area at the local council offices and identified those which might be suitable. We then visited them in order to identify those plots still to be developed. We could then write to the applicants and ask them if they were considering selling the plot.

In our case we identified a site which was just coming on to the market and were able to get in early. This worked and we became the proud owners of a building site.

The Building Plot
Before we started building

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