The Cowrie Collection

The Cowrie collection consists almost entirely Trivia monacha which live in a pasta jar which was given to me as a birthday present by Lorrie. The idea may have been that it would take a very long time to fill what is a very large container for shells which on average are only 8 mm long. As you can see from the pictures the jar is filling, all be it slowly!

There are currently some 8000 shells in the collection. Only perfect shells are allowed! All chipped or punctured shells must be discarded and may not be counted. 2370 were collected in a two day cowrie hunt during Easter 2003. This is believed to be a record for a two day collecting trip and involved considerable amounts of getting wet.

1600 of these were collected during a previous two day cowrie hunt undertaken by Mary and myself.

Previous records include 1700 cowries during a 3 day collecting trip with Lorrie.



Easter 2003

For anyone interested there are approx 14.2 cowries per mm in the neck of the jar.


Click on the collection to get a close look!

Here are 2370 cowries drying before being added to the collection

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