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Gallery template Lightbox does not work as it's use of jQuery conflicts with the prototype javascript library. It could be modified to work with a lot of effort or by using different templates. e.g. Litebox. Here is an example using Litebox. As far as i can see it remains a poor aternative to the Album module!

An alternative is ImageGallery which uses the protoype javascript library works with the Album module structure and thumbs. This is better than trying to use Album to display a specific folder which requires the album id value to be specified rather than the folder name. This allows paging through images within the album which is a useful feature.

[ImageGallery picFolder="uploads/images/Photo Albums/Fencing - Easter 2010" thumbPicCaption="none"]

Fencing - Easter 2010

Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image. Click on the close button to close it.

Another alternative is ImageResizer e.g.

[ImageResizer category="Photo Albums/Fencing - Easter 2010" outputstyle="lightbox"]

This is the hacked random image plugin with link to larger version in lightbox and link to the enclosing album. Once the larger image is selected it is not possible to step through other images in the folder (I dont know how to call a plugin from within a php function).

[multiple_random_image folder="uploads/images/Photo Albums/" maxdepth="1" number="1" height="200" border="1" number="1"]


Random image from Photo Albums
Click picture to enlarge

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