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So don't expect to find anything interesting here! These are merely some random jottings of no interest to man or beast.

18 Jul 2010

This website uses the ImageCaptions and Image Resizer plugins as well as the Album module for CMS made simple. Sounds straightforward but I have spent the whole day trying to resolve conflicts between the prototype javascript library required by the Album module, and the jQuery javascript library used by both the ImageCaptions and Image Resizer plugins. The solution was in fact simple and described at the jQuery website but the instructions needed a little interpretation to apply here.

21 Oct 2009

Firefox is my browser of choice, perhaps because Adblock Plus does such a great job of removing adverts and I would not want to be without GreaseMonkey. But that aside, it really does a great job on the Mac. But, and isn't there always a but, I can't tell which is the active tab because all the tabs appear grey to me. Having moaned about this for long enough, I thought I really would have to sort it out so .......


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